One of our most popular sized liquid chalk, the Psychi 40ml bottle. This is sold in a handy resealable bottle attached with carabiner. It is made for both indoor and outdoor climbing. Our liquid chalk is longer lasting than conventional powdered chalk and provides superior grip in all conditions. Once you’ve applied the chalk to your hands, it dries quickly and keeps them dry enabling the rock climber to complete difficult bouldering problems without the need to re chalk during ascents thus allowing you to perform better for longer. Order one of our liquid chalks today and receive free delivery!

PSYCHI Liquid Chalk- 40ML

  • - 40ml resealable bottle with FREE carabiner (NOT FOR CLIMBING USE).

    - Liquid chalk is a great alternative to conventional power chalk.

    - Improves grip strength and dramatically reduces sweating.

    - Reduced chalk dust and mess.

    - Shake well before use!